We get asked a lot of questions, being in a trucker band.  The question we get asked the most* is "Where can I get me some Cardlock to listen to at home?"  Here's the answer to that



  • Zulu Records, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • The front left pocket of Cabover Pete's blue grey jacket

That list of stores should be longer.  It looks kinda sad.  Damn. What have we been doing?  Oh, it's called "11 Hour Souls"  by the way.  You can look for it everywhere.  It won't BE everywhere, but lookin' for it will give your life a renewed sense o' purpose.

A selection or two from the album are on the Music page.

Classic and Contemporary Trucker Favourites

Caffeine-soaked and reeking of various petroleum products, 24 Hour Cardlock burst onto the Vancouver music scene at NewMusicWest 2002.  After witnessing Cardlock's show at Vancouver's Marine Club, The Georgia Straight's Mike Usinger said "...the 7-piece band's 80 proof brand of country-tinged shitkicker swing almost makes me squeal like a pig."  We're pretty sure that this was a compliment, especially considering how drunk he was and how he ripped the bands he didn't like.

While literally several people have referred to 24 Hour Cardlock as a "trucker band" the title does not tell the whole story.  In truth, 24 Hour Cardlock is a "really good trucker band."

The Sound

That lonesome highway sound. Kris Kristofferson gives Gram Parsons a lift in his big smokin' Mack. They drive and sing songs, watching that rubber duck dance in the dusty breeze. At dusk, they stop at a roadside bar, wash up in the john, grab a burger and drink soapy draft until the bennies and the coffee and the dust all burn off. In the background, the band starts to play...

* Actually, the question we get asked most is...

Lurk Moar

We're still working on the site, but work is being held up somewhat, because we are completely bone lazy.  On the upside, we are also terrified of people finding that out.  If you send us a message from the Contact page telling us what you'd like to see on the site, it'll make us feel all pressured and uncomfortable and we'll probably get on it quicker.